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A fresh approach

 As a Food Coach, I help you understand what is holding you back from making healthier food choices, work with you to become confident in the kitchen, and provide you with inspiration

Cooking and eating healthily is a mindset, and once you’ve cracked it, it will become second nature. Research proves that eating too much processed and ultra-processed food has severe implications on our health. Today in the UK, two thirds of the food we buy is processed or ultra-processed and a quarter is thrown away.


But how do we put this into practice? We know what we are meant to do, but how do we achieve this? This is where I come in.


I passionately believe that maintaining sustainable change centres on you, as an individual. Just as our DNA, mircobiome, brains and bodies are unique, so are our behaviours and how we process information. Why should the way you cook be the same as your friend, neighbour or relative?


Whether you have been told by a professional that you need to address your diet; or you cook for someone who has health-related complications; or, whether you are simply looking for a better way for you and your family to eat, creating a positive cooking mindset will set you up for life.


I understand it is hard to make life-style changes in our busy, high-speed world. So, let me support you and help you to cook healthfully… your way.


Founder – DizzleSky