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Kitchen Confidence

Lacking inspiration, time or confidence but still want to eat better? Do you feel you plan, shop and cook efficiently? I help you understand how you work best in the kitchen, provide you with inspiration and support you to make healthier food choices

Cooking and eating healthfully is a mindset, and once you’ve cracked it, it will become second nature. As with any life-style change, it’s the little things which will make a fundamental difference.


It’s time to get back to basics. Research proves that eating too much convenience and ultra-processed food has severe implications on our health. We are human; we have to eat to survive; we have to eat good food to survive well; if we eat bad food all the time we won’t survive well. It really is that simple.


I passionately believe that maintaining sustainable change centres on you, as an individual. Just as our DNA, mircobiome, brains and bodies are unique, so are our learning behaviours and how we process information. Based on the Clarity4D learning model, together we will explore how you work best and give you strategies to get the most out of your time spent in the kitchen. Whether you have been told by a professional that you need to address your diet; or you cook for someone who has health-related complications; or, whether you are simply looking for a better way for you and your family to eat, these strategies will set you up for life.


I understand it is hard to make life-style changes in our busy, high-speed world. So, let me simplify it for you and teach you the tools to cook healthfully… your way.


Founder – DizzleSky