Individual Coaching - DizzleSky
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Individual Coaching

When we are in our element, we perform at our best – Carl Jung

I work on a 1:1 basis with all levels of competencies in the kitchen, and tailor-make sessions to include dietary requirements and allergies. Take a look at the sessions which you feel best suit your needs, and in our initial (free) conversation we will discuss your personal goals to make sure we create the best programme for you. You can book all three sessions (I recommend at least one week apart to allow for reflection time) or choose them one by one, depending on your individual circumstances. Follow-up calls are booked in as and when you feel you need them.

Creating a Positive Cooking Mindset

  • Understand how you feel about cooking and what you are ideally aiming for
  • Be aware of any physical or emotional challenges, food allergies and intolerences
  • Discover new ways of thinking about cooking
  • Create a realistic and specific action plan
  • Grow your cooking mindset
  • Reflect on how this can be maintained in your everyday life
  • Support and give you confidence to cook healthily from scratch


Kitchen Confidence

  • Discover your own behavioural style
  • Be aware of your strengths and areas for improvement in the kitchen, to unlock your hidden potential
  • Discuss motivating strategies for planning, shopping and cooking effectively in line with your natural style
  • Explore how this can be maintained in your everyday life
  • Give you confidence to cook healthily from scratch


Layering a Plate

  • Discuss how to make healthier food choices using the meals you already enjoy
  • Understand how to save money by cooking from limited staple ingredients
  • Discover how to ‘layer a plate’ by adding healthful ingredients into your diet
  • Discuss the ‘flow’of food to reduce food waste
  • Explore the endless possibilities of creating meals without having to ‘search’ for inspiration
  • Explore how this can be maintained in your everyday life


Follow-up Calls

  • Continuing support and development throughout your cooking journey
  • Setting continued goals as your competency and confidence grows
  • Discussing problems or hurdles you are facing
  • Support as you maintain your positive cooking mindset


DizzleSky is not about quick-fix diets. It’s about clarity in how you work best in the kitchen so that you are able to put this mindset into daily practise, and maintain a healthy balanced diet for the rest of your life. You will find out how you work most instinctively, understand what might be holding you back and come up with a strategy for moving forward. We will discuss your food likes and dislikes… and build on the meals that you are comfortable with. We are looking at self-awareness here, so expect some ‘a-haa’ moments and changes in other parts of your life too.