About - DizzleSky
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Food & people

Hi! I thought this would be a good time to tell you more about why I do what I do, and most importantly how it can help you…


DizzleSky, named after two children who have been a major inspiration, has been a long time coming; I’ve realised that fresh food is simply in my bones. I spend a large proportion of every day conjuring up ingredients, tastes and textures in my head until I feel they ‘sit well’.


Having trained at Prue Leiths in London in 1997, I went on to cook professionally for fifteen years in off-the-beaten-track places. These kitchens were often in locations where there was no Sainsbury’s to be seen! I had to be resourceful and think creatively. These jobs included running a luxury ski chalet business with my husband, Head Chef of a busy kitchen on the remote Scottish island of Colonsay, Private Chef in various beautiful locations in Europe and working with an amazing catering company here in the Cotswolds. All of these experiences I utterly loved; the menus were devised daily to suit guests’ needs and I worked closely with my suppliers.


I’ve done my fair share of high pressure restaurant kitchens too. The most influential for me was a stint in a German speaking male dominated high-end kitchen in Austria. As much as I embraced the experience, this was the one job where I struggled creatively as it was the same menu every day for six months. I am so thankful for how much I learnt, such as poaching, skinning and slicing lamb’s tongue (yuk!), however it was then that I realised I needed more.


But it is not all about food is it… Where do you fit in?  Alongside my love of fresh food, I also love helping others. Engaging, educating and inspiring people about how they can make a balanced diet work for them, and support them with practical, everyday advice. It’s the look on clients faces when I tell them a kitchen shortcut or how they too can create a delicious meal from next to nothing. When I see them thinking ‘oooh, yes, I could do that at home’ or ‘wow, that’s common sense really isn’t it’ … that’s what makes me tick! I passionately believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’.