About - DizzleSky
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What is Kitchen Coaching & Mentoring?

Kitchen coaching and mentoring helps you gain clarity in the kitchen giving you the confidence to make sustainable healthier food choices so you can get the most out of life.



  • Pinpoints your goals and explores your barriers
  • Discovers how you work most instinctively
  • Builds on your natural strengths and converts them to kitchen-powers
  • Develops your mindset



  • Focus’ on healthful ingredients
  • Gives you professional kitchen short-cuts for your particular learning style
  • Helps you plan, shop, learn what methods work for you, understand flavours and teaches you how to ‘Layer a Plate’
  • Offers support


My bio…

On the coaching-side, I am a Clarity4D Facilitator (simple and affordable Personality Profiling) with a passion for continued personal development. I am currently undertaking a Diploma with the The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring. People inspire me, and I feel grateful that I can help people to realise their potential. Before founding DizzleSky, I was Product and Personal Development Manager at The Oxford Ski Company and prior to that,  I co-Founded and co-Directed Alpine Evolution, a luxury chalet company in St Anton, Austria. Providing a platform where guests could relax and connect with their instinctive selves was influential to the creastion of DizzleSky.


On the mentoring-side, I trained at Prue Leith in London in 1997 and have been a Chef in Professional and Private kitchens for over 20 years. I have worked in weird and wonderful places, picking up top tips along the way. I see food as fuel, and good food as good fuel, and a way to charge our bodies and souls. My recurring theme has always been to reduce waste and use as much fresh, seasonal produce as possible, allowing the flavours to speak for themselves.


Call me today on +44 (0)7954 357 443 or email annabel@dizzlesky.co.uk to kick start your kitchen journey.