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Food Business Mentoring

Seek first to understand, then to be understood – Steven Covey

I understand that there is more to being a food provider than just the food itself. In my experience, it’s the sales, marketing, staff efficiency, client care, costs, administration and supplier relationships which really drive the business.


I am talking about people… your people… amazing people. So how can you get the best out of them? How can you maximise sales, uplift team morale, increase customer satisfaction, experience better client retention, develop long-lasting supplier relationships, save money on budgets, structure administration and unlock future opportunities? In a nutshell, by understanding the power of communication and behaviour within your business. Take a look at the sessions below, and in our initial (free) consultation we will discuss your real-life objectives and situations, and how I can help.


Clarity4D Workshop

In this session, you will:

  • Understand a positive language in your business to discuss communication and behaviour in colour
  • Discover a platform for developing self-awareness, gaining insight in others and being open to feedback
  • Analyse the ‘So What?’ and discuss how you can use this information in your business day-to-day
  • Be motivated to maintain a positive workplace
  • Create an achievable action plan and review strategy



Personal Development Coaching

For Directors, Managers, Sales, Marketing, Chefs, Kitchen Staff & Front of House

In these sessions, you will:

  • Receive personality profiles for individuals and how they work in a team
  • Uncover their strengths, natural behaviours and areas for development
  • Understand how to support them in developing their hidden potential
  • Recognise any skill gaps in your business
  • Create an achievable action plan and review strategy



2D Feedback

In this session, you will:

  • Discover powerful communication and behavioural insights within your team, using a 360 feedback tool
  • Unlock conversations, situations and relationships within your team
  • Understand different ways of communicating within and outside your team, for achieving maximum results
  • Recognise your teams strengths and potential areas for improvement
  • Create a solid behavioural framework for moving forward as a team
  • Create an achievable action plan and review strategy



Team Profiling Workshops

In this session, you will:

  • Understand what drives your team’s effectiveness, using a specific profiling tool
  • Be able to analyse data-based measurable results
  • Discuss the ‘So What?’ with how this information can strengthen your team’s purpose, communication and strategic direction
  • Celebrate your team on areas of effectiveness and motivate your team with areas for development
  • Create an achievable action plan and review strategy