Kitchen Club

Helping proficient home cooks get to the next level and cook more healthfully

Are you a confident home cook who lacks the time and energy every night to cook your family healthful food? Do you want to feed your family well but feel you need support? Have you lost your kitchen mojo?


Currently in the UK two thirds of the food that is brought is processed or ultra processed and one quarter is thrown away. This isn’t right. Healthful food is an essential  human need and we need to slow down, learn the basics, build our kitchen confidence and support one another. There are more discussions on ethical eating, exclusion diets, TV chefs and reality cooking shows than introducing the fundamental building blocks of running a kitchen and the ups and downs that can go with it.


The DizzleSky Kitchen Club provides you with meal plans and recipes for the whole family, including separate children’s options when there are more ‘adult’ meals.  I am often asked how old children need to be and I recommend that they suit all children from early toddlers through to teenagers. You’ll become part of our Private Facebook group (hosted by me) with daily videos, live Q’s & A’s, professional kitchen know-how’s and a place to share your successes (and be appreciated for them!) and the failures (because we all have those in the kitchen too).


For £18 per month in just a few steps you can become a valued member of the DizzleSky Kitchen Club:


  1. Sign up here today  
  2. Pay by direct debit monthly or annually (1 month free for a one-off annual payment)
  3. Enjoy stress-free evenings knowing your family has been well fed


You will save yourself from:


  • The cost of ultra processed convenience food
  • The stress of deciding what to cook
  • The feeling of kitchen groundhog day
  • Throwing food away
  • Unnecessary time spent in the kitchen
  • Unnecessary top-up shops
  • Feeling lonely in the kitchen
  • Feeling under appreciated in the kitchen
  • Feeling like cooking is a chore


The DizzleSky Kitchen Club is a safe space for you to come out of the lack-of-time-and-energy-rut and back on track to feeding your family healthfully, with the knowledge you can cook well, eat well and live well. Here’s our FAQs for further information.


Sign up today and start enjoying the help straight away!