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Kitchen Confidence – a first-hand experience

Recently, the wonderful CheltenhamMaman wrote a brilliant blog on her experience of a Kitchen Confidence session. For me, this was so nice to read as it is her experience and so I invite you, as a reader, to have a look so that you can know what to expect when you come and see me.


I understand that assessing how you work in the kitchen is a new concept – that’s why I came up with it! I felt that there was a real gap between the messages we are being fed from the media, GP’s and healthcare professionals about what we should be eating AND how to put it in to daily practice. For me, it is key to understand what barriers might be holding you back in the kitchen and come up with strategies to help you move forward in a positive direction. And when I speak of the kitchen, I don’t just mean cooking. The kitchen is a process of planning, shopping, storing and cooking – every part of the cog should be given thought for it to work smoothly.


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